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You're viewing Descent 3 (Demo) Cheat Codes

Game Name : Descent 3 (Demo)
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2002-06-21 04:03:31
Views : 13223
Cheat :
Type during gameplay:

yummyfunyon - Invincibility.
blimpiebest - Full shield, energy, all weapons, 500 of each missile.
freeitup - Kill all enemies in mine.
mightyaphrodite - Cloak.

Multi-player Demo version

Type during gameplay:

frametime - Display frame rate.
longchimp - Chase view perspective.
weirdtexture - Toggle random pattern textures; scrambles automap and main menu.
gabbagabbahey - Weaker ship.
zingermans - Weaker ship.
delshiftb - Weaker ship.
fopkjewa - Weaker ship.
eatangelos - Weaker ship.
gowingnut - Weaker ship.
motherlode - Weaker ship.
alifalafel - Weaker ship.
freespace - Weaker ship.
ahwlmbpf - Weaker ship.
honestbob - Weaker ship.
farmerjoe - Weaker ship.

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