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Game NameSystem
MadagascarGame Cube
Madden NFL 06Game Cube
Madden NFL 07Game Cube
Madden NFL 08Game Cube
Madden NFL 2002Game Cube
Madden NFL 2003Game Cube
Madden NFL 2004Game Cube
Madden NFL 2005Game Cube
Magical Mirror Starring Mickey MouseGame Cube
Major League Baseball 2K6Game Cube
Mario Golf: Toadstool TourGame Cube
Mario Kart : Double Dash!!Game Cube
Mario Party 4Game Cube
Mario Party 5Game Cube
Mario Party 6Game Cube
Mario Party 7Game Cube
Mario Power TennisGame Cube
Mario Smash FootballGame Cube
Mario Superstar BaseballGame Cube
Marvel Nemesis : Rise of the ImperfectsGame Cube
Mary-Kate And Ashley : Sweet 16Game Cube
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2Game Cube
Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX 2Game Cube
MC Groovz Dance CrazeGame Cube
Medabots : InfinityGame Cube
Medabots InfinityGame Cube
Medal of Honor : European AssaultGame Cube
Medal of Honor : Rising SunGame Cube
Medal Of Honor: FrontlineGame Cube
Mega Man Anniversary CollectionGame Cube
Mega Man Network TransmissionGame Cube
Mega Man X : Command MissionGame Cube
Mega Man X CollectionGame Cube
Mega Man X Command MissionGame Cube
Men In Black 2 : Alien EscapeGame Cube
Mercedes-Benz World RacingGame Cube
Metal Arms : Glitch in the SystemGame Cube
Metal Gear Solid : The Twin SnakesGame Cube
Metroid PrimeGame Cube
Metroid Prime 2 : EchoesGame Cube
Metroid Prime Bonus DiscGame Cube
Micro MachinesGame Cube
Midway Arcade TreasuresGame Cube
Midway Arcade Treasures 2Game Cube
Midway Arcade Treasures 3Game Cube
Minority ReportGame Cube
Mission : Impossible: Operation SurmaGame Cube
Mission Impossible : Operation SurmaGame Cube
MLB SlugFest 20-03Game Cube
MLB Slugfest 20-04Game Cube
MLB SlugFest 2003Game Cube
MLB SlugFest 2004Game Cube
Mobile Suit Gundam : The Ace PilotGame Cube
Monopoly PartyGame Cube
Monster 4x4 : Masters of MetalGame Cube
Monster HouseGame Cube
Monster Jam : Maximum DestructionGame Cube
Monster Jam Maximum DestructionGame Cube
Monsters IncGame Cube
Monsters, Inc.Game Cube
Mortal Kombat : DeceptionGame Cube
Mortal Kombat: Deadly AllianceGame Cube
Muppets Party CruiseGame Cube
MVP Baseball 2004Game Cube
MVP Baseball 2005Game Cube
MX Super FlyGame Cube
Mystic HeroesGame Cube
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